HML restriction checklists - May 2024

Use these checklists to determine if a patient meets the restrictions for funding in the hospital setting. The forms are a tool to support Te Whatu Ora hospital pharmacies to manage and document compliance with the restrictions in the HML as needed. Te Whatu Ora hospital pharmacies may choose to use some, all, or none of the forms in meeting obligations to act consistently with the HML.

Note: Forms should not be submitted to Pharmac or to Sector Services.

Download all restriction checklist forms [PDF]


Restriction Checklists Form Chemical Therapeutic Group
RS1202 [PDF] Abciximab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1888 [PDF] Abiraterone acetate Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1940 [PDF] Adalimumab (Amgevita) Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1922 [PDF] Adalimumab (Humira - Alternative brand) Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1266 [PDF] Adenosine - Inj 3 mg per ml, 10 ml vial Cardiovascular System
RS1944 [PDF] Adrenaline Respiratory System and Allergies
RS1872 [PDF] Aflibercept Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1001 [PDF] Ajmaline Cardiovascular System
RS1088 [PDF] Albendazole Infections
RS1712 [PDF] Alectinib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1793 [PDF] Alglucosidase Alfa Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1632 [PDF] Alpha tocopheryl Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1176 [PDF] Alpha tocopheryl acetate Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1992 [PDF] Alprostadil Cardiovascular System
RS1500 [PDF] Aluminium chloride Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1981 [PDF] Ambrisentan Cardiovascular System
RS1041 [PDF] Amikacin Infections
RS1867 [PDF] Amino acid formula Special Foods
RS1565 [PDF] Aminolevulinic acid hydrochloride Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1071 [PDF] Amphotericin B - Inj (liposomal) 50 mg vial Infections
RS1316 [PDF] Amphotericin B - Inj 50 mg vial Infections
RS1154 [PDF] Aprepitant Nervous System
RS1332 [PDF] Aprotinin Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS2017 [PDF] Aripiprazole Nervous System
RS1090 [PDF] Artemether with lumefantrine Infections
RS1091 [PDF] Artesunate Infections
RS1986 [PDF] Atezolizumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1092 [PDF] Atovaquone with proguanil hydrochloride Infections
RS1904 [PDF] Azacitidine Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1598 [PDF] Azithromycin Infections
RS1277 [PDF] Aztreonam, Chloramphenicol Infections
RS1206 [PDF] Bacillus calmette-guerin (BCG) Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1233 [PDF] Bacillus calmette-guerin vaccine Vaccines
RS1876 [PDF] Baricitinib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1203 [PDF] Basiliximab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1977 [PDF] Bedaquiline Infections
RS1117 [PDF] Bee venom Respiratory System and Allergies
RS1917 [PDF] Bendamustine hydrochloride Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1920 [PDF] Benralizumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1794 [PDF] Betaine Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1125 [PDF] Betamethasone valerate with clioquinol Dermatologicals
RS1691 [PDF] Bevacizumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1330 [PDF] Biotin Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1181 [PDF] Bivalirudin Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1725 [PDF] Bortezomib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS2002 [PDF] Brentuximab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1723 [PDF] Budesonide Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1172 [PDF] Buprenorphine with naloxone Nervous System
RS1893 [PDF] COVID-19 treatments Infections
RS1894 [PDF] COVID-19 treatments Infections
RS1855 [PDF] Cabergoline Hormone Preparations
RS1698 [PDF] Calcium carbonate Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1309 [PDF] Capsaicin Musculoskeletal System
RS1145 [PDF] Capsaicin Nervous System
RS1263 [PDF] Captopril - Oral liq 5 mg per ml Cardiovascular System
RS1467 [PDF] Carbohydrate Special Foods
RS1212 [PDF] Carbohydrate and fat supplement Special Foods
RS1831 [PDF] Carglumic Acid Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1874 [PDF] Casirivimab and imdevimab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1076 [PDF] Caspofungin Infections
RS1049 [PDF] Cefepime Infections
RS1446 [PDF] Ceftaroline Infections
RS1048 [PDF] Ceftazadime Infections
RS1613 [PDF] Cetuximab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1683 [PDF] Chlorhexidine with cetrimide Various
RS1093 [PDF] Chloroquine phosphate Infections
RS1108 [PDF] Cidofovir Infections
RS1931 [PDF] Cinacalcet Hormone Preparations
RS1055 [PDF] Ciprofloxacin Infections
RS1709 [PDF] Clarithromycin Infections
RS1061 [PDF] Clindamycin Infections
RS1077 [PDF] Clofazimine Infections
RS1832 [PDF] Coenzyme Q10 Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1062 [PDF] Colistin sulphomethate [Colestimethate] Infections
RS1928 [PDF] Copper chloride Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1079 [PDF] Cycloserine Infections
RS1182 [PDF] Danaparoid Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1078 [PDF] Dapsone Infections
RS1063 [PDF] Daptomycin Infections
RS1685 [PDF] Dasatinib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1444 [PDF] Deferasirox Various
RS1445 [PDF] Deferiprone Various
RS1183 [PDF] Defibrotide Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1665 [PDF] Denosumab Musculoskeletal System
RS1606 [PDF] Dexamethasone Sensory Organs
RS1169 [PDF] Dexamphetamine sulphate Nervous System
RS1695 [PDF] Dexrazoxane Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1215 [PDF] Diabetic Products Special Foods
RS1028 [PDF] Diazoxide Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1790 [PDF] Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis vaccine Vaccines
RS1387 [PDF] Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and polio vaccine Vaccines
RS1478 [PDF] Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, polio, hepatitis B and haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine Vaccines
RS1787 [PDF] Dornase alfa Respiratory System and Allergies
RS1926 [PDF] Durvalumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1015 [PDF] Edrophonium chloride Musculoskeletal System
RS1684 [PDF] Eftrenonacog alfa Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1216 [PDF] Elemental and Semi-Elemental Products Special Foods
RS1950 [PDF] Elexacaftor with tezacaftor, ivacaftor and ivacaftor Respiratory System and Allergies
RS1648 [PDF] Eltrombopag Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1998 [PDF] Emicizumab Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1852 [PDF] Empagliflozin; Empagliflozin with metformin hydrochloride Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1902 [PDF] Emtricitabine with tenofovir disoproxil Infections
RS1775 [PDF] Enteral liquid peptide formula Special Foods
RS1640 [PDF] Eplerenone Cardiovascular System
RS1660 [PDF] Epoetin alfa Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1661 [PDF] Epoetin beta Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1984 [PDF] Epoprostenol Cardiovascular System
RS1704 [PDF] Eptacog alfa Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1759 [PDF] Eptifibatide Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1885 [PDF] Erlotinib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1045 [PDF] Ertapenem Infections
RS1879 [PDF] Etanercept Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1080 [PDF] Ethambutol hydrochloride Infections
RS1592 [PDF] Etoricoxib Musculoskeletal System
RS1811 [PDF] Everolimus Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1502 [PDF] Extensively hydrolysed formula Special Foods
RS1705 [PDF] Factor eight inhibitor bypassing fraction Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1468 [PDF] Fat Special Foods
RS1470 [PDF] Fat-modified feed Special Foods
RS1844 [PDF] Febuxostat Musculoskeletal System
RS1417 [PDF] Ferric carboxymaltose Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1188 [PDF] Filgrastim Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1131 [PDF] Finasteride Genito-Urinary System
RS1072 [PDF] Fluconazole Infections
RS1279 [PDF] Flucytosine Infections
RS2028 [PDF] Fluticasone furoate with umeclidinium and vilanterol Respiratory System and Allergies
RS1184 [PDF] Fondaparinux sodium Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1109 [PDF] Foscarnet sodium Infections
RS1315 [PDF] Fosfomycin Infections
RS1732 [PDF] Fulvestrant Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1064 [PDF] Fusidic acid Infections
RS1795 [PDF] Galsulfase Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1110 [PDF] Ganciclovir Infections
RS1887 [PDF] Gefitinib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1923 [PDF] Gemtuzumab ozogamicin Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1520 [PDF] Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine Vaccines
RS1217 [PDF] Hepatic Products Special Foods
RS1638 [PDF] Hepatitis A vaccine Vaccines
RS1588 [PDF] Hepatitis B recombinant vaccine Vaccines
RS1671 [PDF] Hepatitis B recombinant vaccine Vaccines
RS1317 [PDF] High Calorie Products Special Foods
RS1231 [PDF] High arginine oral feed 1.4 kcal/ml Special Foods
RS1225 [PDF] High fat formula Special Foods
RS1327 [PDF] High protein enteral feed Special Foods
RS1693 [PDF] Human papillomavirus (6, 11, 16, 18, 31, 33, 45, 52 and 58) vaccine [HPV] Vaccines
RS1008 [PDF] Hydralazine hydrochloride - Tab 25 mg Cardiovascular System
RS1776 [PDF] Hydroxychloroquine Musculoskeletal System
RS1155 [PDF] Hyoscine hydrobromide - Patch 1.5 mg Nervous System
RS1933 [PDF] Ibrutinib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1501 [PDF] Icatibant Respiratory System and Allergies
RS1535 [PDF] Idarucizumab Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1546 [PDF] Idursulfase Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1985 [PDF] Iloprost Cardiovascular System
RS1046 [PDF] Imipenem with cilastatin Infections
RS1941 [PDF] Infliximab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS2013 [PDF] Influenza vaccine Inj 60 mcg in 0.5 ml syringe (quadrivalent vaccine) Vaccines
RS1113 [PDF] Interferon gamma Infections
RS1281 [PDF] Isoniazid Infections
RS1282 [PDF] Isoniazid with rifampicin Infections
RS1073 [PDF] Itraconazole Infections
RS1566 [PDF] Ivabradine Cardiovascular System
RS1818 [PDF] Ivacaftor Respiratory System and Allergies
RS1283 [PDF] Ivermectin Infections
RS1410 [PDF] Ketoconazole - Tab 200 mg Infections
RS1261 [PDF] L-ornithine L-aspartate Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1988 [PDF] Lacosamide Nervous System
RS1828 [PDF] Lapatinib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1607 [PDF] Laronidase Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1528 [PDF] Ledipasvir with sofosbuvir Infections
RS1836 [PDF] Lenalidomide Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1035 [PDF] Levocarnitine Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1007 [PDF] Levosimendan Cardiovascular System
RS1065 [PDF] Lincomycin Infections
RS1066 [PDF] Linezolid Infections
RS1301 [PDF] Liothyronine sodium - Tab 20 mcg Hormone Preparations
RS1518 [PDF] Long-acting muscarinic antagonists with long-acting beta-adrenoceptor agonists Respiratory System and Allergies
RS1229 [PDF] Low electrolyte enteral feed 1.8 kcal/ml Special Foods
RS1227 [PDF] Low electrolyte oral feed Special Foods
RS1228 [PDF] Low electrolyte oral feed Special Foods
RS1689 [PDF] Lysine acetylsalicylate Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1299 [PDF] Mafenide acetate Dermatologicals
RS1487 [PDF] Measles, mumps and rubella vaccine Vaccines
RS1094 [PDF] Mefloquine hydrochloride Infections
RS1576 [PDF] Melatonin Nervous System
RS2019 [PDF] Meningococcal (A, C, Y and W-135) conjugate vaccine Vaccines
RS2020 [PDF] Meningococcal B multicomponent vaccine Vaccines
RS1935 [PDF] Meningococcal C conjugate vaccine Vaccines
RS2024 [PDF] Mepolizumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1635 [PDF] Mercaptopurine Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1047 [PDF] Meropenem Infections
RS2012 [PDF] Metabolic Products Special Foods
RS1292 [PDF] Methoxyflurane Nervous System
RS1127 [PDF] Methyl aminolevulinate hydrochloride Dermatologicals
RS1601 [PDF] Methylnaltrexone bromide Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1294 [PDF] Methylphenidate hydrochloride Nervous System
RS1427 [PDF] Midodrine Cardiovascular System
RS1803 [PDF] Modafinil Nervous System
RS1706 [PDF] Moroctocog alfa [Recombinant factor VIII] Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1644 [PDF] Moxifloxacin Infections
RS1993 [PDF] Multiple Sclerosis Nervous System
RS1997 [PDF] Multiple Sclerosis Nervous System
RS1498 [PDF] Multivitamin and mineral supplement Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1499 [PDF] Multivitamin renal Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1620 [PDF] Multivitamins - Cap Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1178 [PDF] Multivitamins - Powder Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1173 [PDF] Naltrexone hydrochloride Nervous System
RS1699 [PDF] Nicardipine hydrochloride Cardiovascular System
RS1873 [PDF] Nicotine Nervous System
RS2010 [PDF] Nilotinib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1813 [PDF] Nintedanib Respiratory System and Allergies
RS2027 [PDF] Niraparib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1095 [PDF] Nitazoxanide Infections
RS2015 [PDF] Nivolumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1898 [PDF] Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors Infections
RS1679 [PDF] Nonacog gamma Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1899 [PDF] Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors Infections
RS1938 [PDF] Nusinersen Nervous System
RS1919 [PDF] Obinutuzumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1707 [PDF] Octocog alfa [Recombinant factor VIII] (Advate) Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1708 [PDF] Octocog alfa [Recombinant factor VIII] (Kogenate FS) Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1889 [PDF] Octreotide Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS2018 [PDF] Olanzapine Nervous System
RS1925 [PDF] Olaparib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1652 [PDF] Omalizumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1027 [PDF] Omeprazole - Tab dispersible 20 mg Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1307 [PDF] Oseltamivir Infections
RS1302 [PDF] Oxandroline - Tab 2.5 mg Hormone Preparations
RS1473 [PDF] Paediatric Products Special Foods
RS1614 [PDF] Paediatric oral/enteral feed 1 kcal/ml Special Foods
RS1731 [PDF] Palbociclib (Ibrance) Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1381 [PDF] Paliperidone Nervous System
RS1932 [PDF] Paliperidone palmitate Nervous System
RS1118 [PDF] Paper wasp venom Respiratory System and Allergies
RS1083 [PDF] Para-aminosalicylic Acid Infections
RS1146 [PDF] Paracetamol Nervous System
RS1603 [PDF] Paromomycin Infections
RS1198 [PDF] Pazopanib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1788 [PDF] Pegaspargase Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1743 [PDF] Pegfilgrastim Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1827 [PDF] Pegylated interferon alfa-2a Infections
RS2016 [PDF] Pembrolizumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1596 [PDF] Pemetrexed Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1096 [PDF] Pentamidine isethionate Infections
RS1995 [PDF] Pertuzumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1781 [PDF] Pimecrolimus Dermatologicals
RS1053 [PDF] Piperacillin with tazobactam Infections
RS1814 [PDF] Pirfenidone Respiratory System and Allergies
RS1322 [PDF] Pivmecillinam Infections
RS1536 [PDF] Plerixafor Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1768 [PDF] Pneumococcal (PCV10) conjugate vaccine Vaccines
RS1936 [PDF] Pneumococcal (PCV13) conjugate vaccine Vaccines
RS1587 [PDF] Pneumococcal (PPV23) polysaccharide vaccine Vaccines
RS1398 [PDF] Poliomyelitis vaccine Vaccines
RS1074 [PDF] Posaconazole Infections
RS1133 [PDF] Potassium citrate Genito-Urinary System
RS1354 [PDF] Povidone-iodine - Vaginal tab 200 mg Various
RS1415 [PDF] Preoperative carbohydrate feed 0.5 kcal/ml Special Foods
RS1224 [PDF] Preterm formula Special Foods
RS1097 [PDF] Primaquine phosphate Infections
RS1276 [PDF] Propylthiouracil Hormone Preparations
RS1900 [PDF] Protease Inhibitors Infections
RS1469 [PDF] Protein Special Foods
RS1084 [PDF] Protionamide Infections
RS1085 [PDF] Pyrazinamide Infections
RS1331 [PDF] Pyridoxal-5-phosphate Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1098 [PDF] Pyrimethamine Infections
RS1099 [PDF] Quinine dihydrochloride Infections
RS1666 [PDF] Raloxifene Musculoskeletal System
RS1870 [PDF] Ranibizumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1703 [PDF] Ranitidine Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1016 [PDF] Rasburicase Musculoskeletal System
RS1912 [PDF] Remdesivir Infections
RS1833 [PDF] Riboflavin Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1086 [PDF] Rifabutin Infections
RS1087 [PDF] Rifampicin Infections
RS1416 [PDF] Rifaximin Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1351 [PDF] Riluzole Nervous System
RS1954 [PDF] Risdiplam Nervous System
RS1380 [PDF] Risperidone Nervous System
RS1785 [PDF] Rituximab (Mabthera) Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1973 [PDF] Rituximab (Riximyo) Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1436 [PDF] Rivastigmine Nervous System
RS1868 [PDF] Rosuvastatin Cardiovascular System
RS1590 [PDF] Rotavirus oral vaccine Vaccines
RS1569 [PDF] Roxithromycin tab dispersible 50 mg Infections
RS1682 [PDF] Rurioctocog alfa pegol [Recombinant factor VIII] Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1726 [PDF] Ruxolitinib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS2014 [PDF] Sacubitril with valsartan Cardiovascular System
RS1243 [PDF] Salmonella typhi vaccine Vaccines
RS1796 [PDF] Sapropterin dihydrochloride Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1863 [PDF] Secukinumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1929 [PDF] Selenium Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1525 [PDF] Siltuximab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1991 [PDF] Sirolimus Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1297 [PDF] Sodium chloride - Inj Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1175 [PDF] Sodium hyaluronate Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1797 [PDF] Sodium phenylbutyrate Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1100 [PDF] Sodium stibogluconate Infections
RS1826 [PDF] Somatropin Hormone Preparations
RS1101 [PDF] Spiramycin Infections
RS1214 [PDF] Standard Feeds Special Foods
RS1989 [PDF] Stiripentol Nervous System
RS1901 [PDF] Strand Transfer Inhibitors Infections
RS1043 [PDF] Streptomycin sulphate Infections
RS1763 [PDF] Sucrose Nervous System
RS1370 [PDF] Sugammadex Musculoskeletal System
RS1067 [PDF] Sulphadiazine Infections
RS1886 [PDF] Sunitinib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1990 [PDF] Tacrolimus Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1859 [PDF] Tacrolimus Ointment Dermatologicals
RS1897 [PDF] Taliglucerase alfa Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1132 [PDF] Tamsulosin Genito-Urinary System
RS1834 [PDF] Taurine Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1068 [PDF] Teicoplanin Infections
RS1994 [PDF] Temozolomide Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1130 [PDF] Terbutaline Genito-Urinary System
RS1143 [PDF] Teriparatide Musculoskeletal System
RS1192 [PDF] Thalidomide Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1774 [PDF] Ticagrelor Blood and Blood Forming Organs
RS1054 [PDF] Ticarcillin with clavulanic acid Infections
RS1059 [PDF] Tigecycline Infections
RS1911 [PDF] Tixagevimab with cilgavimab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1475 [PDF] Tobramcyin Infections
RS1044 [PDF] Tobramycin Infections
RS1435 [PDF] Tobramycin Solution for inhalation 60 mg per ml, 5 ml Infections
RS2025 [PDF] Tocilizumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1930 [PDF] Tolvaptan Cardiovascular System
RS2003 [PDF] Trastuzumab (Herceptin) Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS2005 [PDF] Trastuzumab (Herzuma) Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1908 [PDF] Trastuzumab emtansine Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS2026 [PDF] Trientine Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1861 [PDF] Upadacitinib Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1824 [PDF] Ursodeoxycholic acid Alimentary Tract and Metabolism
RS1942 [PDF] Ustekinumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1799 [PDF] Valganciclovir Infections
RS1069 [PDF] Vancomycin Infections
RS1702 [PDF] Varenicline Nervous System
RS1591 [PDF] Varicella vaccine [Chickenpox vaccine] Vaccines
RS1777 [PDF] Varicella vaccine [Chickenpox vaccine] Vaccines
RS1916 [PDF] Varicella zoster vaccine [shingles vaccine] Vaccines
RS1943 [PDF] Vedolizumab Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1713 [PDF] Venetoclax Oncology Agents and Immunosuppressants
RS1865 [PDF] Vigabatrin Nervous System
RS1075 [PDF] Voriconazole Infections
RS1119 [PDF] Yellow jacket wasp venom Respiratory System and Allergies
RS1369 [PDF] Zanamivir - Powder for inhalation 5 mg Infections
RS1982 [PDF] bosentan Cardiovascular System
RS1983 [PDF] sildenafil (Vedafil) Cardiovascular System
RS1843 [PDF] sodium picosulfate Alimentary Tract and Metabolism