Online Pharmaceutical Schedule - December 2021

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Infections - Agents for Systemic Use
Anthelmintics Anthelmintics
Antibacterials Cephalosporins and Cephamycins; Macrolides; Other Antibiotics; Penicillins; Tetracyclines
Antifungals Antifungals
Antimalarials Antimalarials
Antitrichomonal Agents Antitrichomonal Agents
Antituberculotics and Antileprotics Antituberculotics and Antileprotics
Antivirals HIV Prophylaxis and Treatment; Hepatitis B Treatment; Hepatitis C Treatment; Herpesvirus Treatments
Antiretrovirals Non-nucleosides Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors; Nucleosides Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors; Protease Inhibitors; Strand Transfer Inhibitors
Immune Modulators Immune Modulators
Urinary Tract Infections Urinary Tract Infections