Online HML - May 2022

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Surgical Preparations

Bismuth subnitrate and iodoform paraffin         


Any brand

Glycerol with paraffin         

Crm glycerol 10% with white soft paraffin 5% and liquid paraffin 10%

e.g. QV cream

Hydrocortisone and paraffin liquid and lanolin         

Lotn 1% with paraffin liquid 15.9% and lanolin 0.6% - 1% DV Oct-20 to 2023 (HSS)

DP Lotn HC 716294 $10.57 per 250 ml
Faecal Softeners


Oral liquid 1 mg per ml

Any brand

Enema 133 ml

Any brand


Oint liquid paraffin 50% with white soft paraffin 50%

healthE 2326663 $1.97 per 100 g

Note: DV limit applies to the pack sizes of 100 g or greater.

White soft

healthE 2318695 $0.79 per 10 g

Note: DV limit applies to pack sizes of 30 g or less, and to both white soft paraffin and yellow soft paraffin.

White soft, - 1% DV Apr-20 to 2022 (HSS)

healthE 2322099 $4.99 per 450 g

Yellow soft

Any brand

Lotn liquid paraffin 85%

e.g QV Bath Oil
Ocular Lubricants

Paraffin liquid with soft white paraffin         

Eye oint 42.5% with soft white paraffin 57.3%

Any brand
Ocular Lubricants

Paraffin liquid with wool fat         

Eye oint 3% with wool fat 3%

Poly-Visc 2035812 $3.63 per 3.5 g

Paraffin with wool fat         

Lotn liquid paraffin 15.9% with wool fat 0.6%

e.g. AlphaKeri;BK ;DP; Hydroderm Lotn

Lotn liquid paraffin 91.7% with wool fat 3%

e.g. Alpha Keri Bath Oil