Online HML - February 2022

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Extemporaneously Compounded Preparations
Acetic acid Liq
Alum Powder BP
Arachis oil [Peanut oil] Liq
Benzoin Tincture compound BP
Bismuth subgallate Powder
Boric acid Powder
Carboxymethylcellulose Soln 1.5%
Cetrimide Soln 40%
Chloroform Liq BP
Citric acid Powder BP
Clove oil Liq
Coal tar Soln BP
Collodion flexible Liq
Compound hydroxybenzoate Soln
Cysteamine hydrochloride Powder
Disodium hydrogen phosphate with sodium dihydrogen phosphate Inj 37.46 mg with sodium dihydrogen phosphate 47.7 mg in 1.5 ml ampoule
Dithranol Powder
Lactose Powder
Magnesium hydroxide Paste
Menthol Crystals
Olive oil Liq
Phenobarbitone sodium Powder
Phenol Liq
Pilocarpine nitrate Powder
Polyhexamethylene biguanide Liq
Povidone K30 Powder
Silver nitrate Crystals
Sodium citrate Powder
Sodium metabisulfite Powder
Starch Powder
Tri-sodium citrate Crystals
Trichloracetic acid Grans
Urea Powder BP
Wool fat Oint, anhydrous
Xanthan Gum 1%
Zinc oxide Powder
Theobroma oil Oint
Hydrocortisone Powder
Codeine phosphate Powder
Methadone hydrochloride Powder
Sodium bicarbonate Powder BP
Glucose [Dextrose] Powder
Glycerol Liq
Syrup Liq (pharmaceutical grade)
Methyl hydroxybenzoate Powder
Methylcellulose Powder; Suspension
Salicylic acid Powder
Sulphur Precipitated; Sublimed
Paraffin Liq
Chlorhexidine gluconate Soln 20 %
Ascorbic acid Powder
Glycerin with sucrose Suspension
Glycerin with sodium saccharin Suspension
Methylcellulose with glycerin and sucrose Suspension
Methylcellulose with glycerin and sodium saccharin Suspension