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Coal tar with salicylic acid and sulphur    Medsafe Data Sheets   New Zealand Formulary.   Hospital Medicines List.   PDF Schedule - Refer from page 75.
  • Soln 12% with salicylic acid 2% and sulphur 4% oint
    • Brand Fully subsidised brand. Coco-Scalp
    • Pharmacode2130017
    • Subsidy $7.95
    • Measure / Qty per 40 g OP
    • Brand Fully subsidised brand. Coco-Scalp
    • Pharmacode2461617
    • Subsidy $4.97
    • Measure / Qty per 25 g OP
- No patient co-payment payable -- Retail pharmacy- Specialist
  • Grans for oral liq 4 g sachet
    • Brand Fully subsidised brand. Paser Unapproved medicine supplied under Section 29.
    • Pharmacode2254921
    • Subsidy $280.00
    • Measure / Qty per 30

Note: There is no co-payment charge for all pharmaceuticals listed in the Antituberculotics and Antileprotics group regardless of immigration status.

Prescriptions must be written by, or on the recommendation of, an infectious disease specialist, clinical microbiologist or respiratory physician

  • Powder - Only in combination
    • Brand Fully subsidised brand. Midwest
    • Pharmacode2574136
    • Subsidy $18.88
    • Measure / Qty per 250 g
    1. Only in combination with a dermatological base or proprietary Topical Corticosteroid – Plain or collodion flexible

    2. With or without other dermatological galenicals.

  • Rectangle page icon symoblising a PDF. PDF
  • A tick icon. Fully subsidised
  • An oval with the number 29 in it. Unapproved medicine under Section 29
  • An asterisk symbol. 3 or 6 months should be dispensed at once
  • Two duplicate pages icon. Click to copy
  • A triangle symbol. Three months supply may be dispensed at one time if endorsed "certified exemption" by the prescriber or pharmacist.
  • OP Original pack
  • Sole Subsidised Supply