Online Pharmaceutical Schedule - January 2022

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Special Foods
Nutrient Modules Carbohydrate; Carbohydrate And Fat; Fat; Protein
Oral and Enteral Feeds Diabetic Products; Fat Modified Products; High Calorie Products ; Paediatric Products; Paediatric Products For Children Awaiting Liver Transplant; Paediatric Products For Children With Chronic Renal Failure; Paediatric Products For Children With Low Energy Requirements; Renal Products; Specialised And Elemental Products; Standard Supplements
Food Thickeners Food Thickeners
Gluten Free Foods Gluten Free Foods
Foods And Supplements For Inborn Errors Of Metabolism Foods; Supplements For Homocystinuria; Supplements For MSUD; Supplements For PKU
Infant Formulae Fluid Restricted; For Williams Syndrome; Gastrointestinal and Other Malabsorptive Problems
Ketogenic Diet Ketogenic Diet