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Blood glucose diagnostic test meter    Medsafe Data Sheets   New Zealand Formulary.   Community Schedule.   HML PDF Schedule - Refer from page 300.
  • 1 meter with 50 lancets, a lancing device, and 10 diagnostic test strips
    • Brand Caresens N
    • Pharmacode2403137
    • Price $10.00
    • Measure / Qty per 1
    • Brand Caresens N POP
    • Pharmacode2403145
    • Price $10.00
    • Measure / Qty per 1
    • Brand CareSens N Premier
    • Pharmacode2535416
    • Price $20.00
    • Measure / Qty per 1


In addition to the products expressly listed here in Part III: Optional Pharmaceuticals, a range of hospital medical devices are listed in an addendum to Part III which is available at The Optional Pharmaceuticals listed in the addendum are deemed to be listed in Part III, and the Rules of the Pharmaceutical Schedule applying to products listed in Part III apply to them.

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