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Pneumococcal (PPV23) polysaccharide vaccine          [Xpharm]

Inj 575 mcg in 0.5 ml prefilled syringe (25 mcg of each 23 pneumococcal serotype)

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  1. Up to three doses (as appropriate) for patients with HIV, for patients post haematopoietic stem cell transplant, or chemotherapy; pre- or post-splenectomy or with functional asplenia, pre- or post-solid organ transplant, renal dialysis, complement deficiency (acquired or inherited), cochlear implants, or primary immunodeficiency; or

  2. All of the following:

    1. Patient is a child under 18 years for (re-)immunisation; and

    2. Treatment is for a maximum of two doses; and

    3. Any of the following:

      1. on immunosuppressive therapy or radiation therapy, vaccinate when there is expected to be a sufficient immune response; or

      2. with primary immune deficiencies; or

      3. with HIV infection; or

      4. with renal failure, or nephrotic syndrome; or

      5. who are immune-suppressed following organ transplantation (including haematopoietic stem cell transplant); or

      6. with cochlear implants or intracranial shunts; or

      7. with cerebrospinal fluid leaks; or

      8. receiving corticosteroid therapy for more than two weeks, and who are on an equivalent daily dosage of prednisone of 2 mg/kg per day or greater, or children who weigh more than 10 kg on a total daily dosage of 20 mg or greater; or

      9. with chronic pulmonary disease (including asthma treated with high-dose corticosteroid therapy); or

      10. pre term infants, born before 28 weeks gestation; or

      11. with cardiac disease, with cyanosis or failure; or

      12. with diabetes; or

      13. with Down syndrome; or

      14. who are pre-or post-splenectomy, or with functional asplenia.