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Iron (as ferric carboxymaltose)    Medsafe Data Sheets   New Zealand Formulary.   Hospital Medicines List.   PDF Schedule - Refer from page 36.
- Special Authority SA1840 -- Retail pharmacy
  • Inj 50 mg per ml, 10 ml vial
    • Brand Fully subsidised brand. Ferinject
    • Pharmacode2401088
    • Subsidy $150.00
    • Measure / Qty per 1
  • Rectangle page icon symoblising a PDF. PDF
  • A tick icon. Fully subsidised
  • An oval with the number 29 in it. Unapproved medicine under Section 29
  • An asterisk symbol. 3 or 6 months should be dispensed at once
  • Two duplicate pages icon. Click to copy
  • A triangle symbol. Three months supply may be dispensed at one time if endorsed "certified exemption" by the prescriber or pharmacist.
  • OP Original pack
  • Sole Subsidised Supply